Why use Fibreglass for Pool Resurfacing?

Obviously we love fibreglass, and recommend it as the best solution for all of your pool resurfacing and pool renovation needs, but why do we love it so much? We named our company after it, so there must be a reason why fibreglass is so near and dear in our hearts. There’s actually th
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Pool Resurfacing and Concrete Cancer

When the pool is first constructed, reinforcing material (typically steel rebar) is used to form and secure the walls of the pool. Over time and pool usage, moisture is absorbed into the concrete – naturally causing the steel within the concrete to rust. The “Cancer” part of Con
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How Long Does the Average Pool Resurfacing Job Take?

Summer is almost here! With all this amazing weather, we’ve been getting a lot of questions regarding how long the average pool resurfacing job takes from start to end (in other words, how long until I can have a pool party?!) Although every job is slightly different, we are abl
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Pool Resurfacing and Osmosis Removal After

Making your Pool Summertime Ready!

With Spring and Summer just around the corner, now is the time to look towards preparing your backyard for entertaining. Besides the barbeque, nothing is more important for an entertaining backyard than a sparkling swimming pool. Don’t let your pool be a backyard eyesore, here are the
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Factors That Impact the Cost of a Pool Resurfacing Quote

How many of us have experienced sticker shock after receiving a quote from a contractor? Nothing sets a bad tone to a professional relationship quite like the belief that you’re being over-charged for a service. After resurfacing pools in Sydney for over 15 years, we’ve fielded many q
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Questions You Should Ask Your Pool Resurfacing Contractor

While in operation for more than 15 years, all of us at Fibrestyle have worked to not just resurface your pool to better-than-new condition, but to educate our customers on how to maintain that pool for years to come. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best questions we’ve heard ove
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Belmond Hotel, Italy

11 Amazing Pools Around The World

A question our employees receive quite often from our clients is “what is the most amazing pool/backyard you have ever seen”? While we all have different tastes here at Fibrestyle, we decided to put our minds together and make a list of the top 11 pools we have found. To e
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Outdoor Pool Recently Resurfaced

Winterizing your Fibreglass Pool

Having a pool can be an absolute blast in the warm summer Sydney weather, but we have noticed that some people have struggled to maintain their pool during the winter months. Who can blame them? It’s colder out, more rain, people aren’t as concerned with spending all day outside in th
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A Fibrestyle teammate filling the decay left by osmosis

Shedding Light on the Enemy of Fibreglass: Osmosis

Owning a pool can be a significant commitment, requiring annual maintenance and regular upkeep to maintain an ideal atmosphere for relaxation. Most pool owners know about some of the more common problems, like chemical imbalances and filtration system malfunctions, but are not aware o
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Pool Resurfacing 2016

Why 2016 is the Year to Resurface your Pool Happy New Years! We hope you have made some great resolutions for 2016; from losing weight, to reading more, there are infinitely different types of resolutions. With all of the focus on the traditional resolutions, we wanted to mention a re
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